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Ginger Twaddell

Ginger (GRREAT #07-158) came into my life from GRREAT in 2007.  From the first day I brought her home until she passed away she was nothing but a pure joy. She was the happiest and friendliest dog I have ever seen. She loved running outside, long walks, car rides, and any food she could grab at her eye level. Her tail would wag so hard that whenever she got too close to a neighbor’s door they thought someone was knocking on the door! She loved locking her gaze upon a squirrels and birds and sometimes even an object moving in the distance that she later discovered upon further inspection was just a piece of paper. To her family and Dutch, her brother Golden, she was the “Possum Queen” and “Tomato Princess.”  Ginger loved all the people she encountered in the neighborhood, all of the family members that cared for her, and even her veterinarian. Above all she showed me attention, affection, and love everyday.  Nothing can replace the special place Ginger has in my heart. I will never forget the joy she brought into my life or the amazing loyalty she showed me. I pray that she rests in peace.   Jim Twaddell