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Of course, we hope you will consider adopting a dog from GRREAT, but if you do decide you want a purebred Golden Retriever puppy, these guidelines were developed to assist you. Buyers do not always know what kinds of questions to ask breeders, and they do not know know what answers to expect.  It is our hope that these guidelines will help you screen breeders in a professional manner.  Please feel free to print out and circulate this information to those individuals who need assistance in buying a Golden Retriever puppy.

GRREAT occasionally takes in puppies and litters of puppies.  These three boys came to GRREAT from a backyard breeder unable to sell them.

GRREAT occasionally takes in puppies and litters of puppies. These three boys came to GRREAT from a backyard breeder unable to sell them.

While Shopping for a Pure-Bred Puppy, Remember the Following Guidelines:

  1. Do not be afraid to ask questions!  Good breeders encourage questions.  If a breeder tries to intimidate you or make fun of the fact that you are asking questions, politely end the conversation.
  2. If the breeder states that he does not screen his breeding stock for genetic disorders, such as hip dysplasia, heart or eye problems, because he does not have health problems in his line, politely end the conversation.
  3. If the breeder claims he tests his dogs, but simply cannot find the written results in order to provide you with a copy prior to the actual purchase, politely end the conversation.
  4. If the breeder states that a litter was an “accidental breeding,” politely end the conversation.  Conscientious breeders do not have “accidental breedings.”
  5. If the breeder states that it is too expensive to test all dogs, politely end the conversation.
  6. A reputable breeder will often ask you a lot of questions. He will be concerned about the homes in which his puppies will live.  Answer his questions honestly and thoroughly.  You may also be asked to complete an application or questionnaire which will help the breeder select a puppy that fits your needs and lifestyle.  BEWARE of the breeder whose only concern is whether or not you can pay the purchase price.

When You Visit the Breeder’s Kennel/Home, Look for the Following:

  1. Where are the dogs kept? Are the surroundings clean?
  2. Are all of the dogs friendly, especially the sire and dam?  Do they have good temperaments?
  3. Are all the dogs clean and well kept?
  4. Do all the dogs have plenty of clean fresh water to drink?
  5. Is the yard or kennel clean and free of feces, urine, and debris?
  6. What are your overall feelings about the environment?  Be sure to trust your instincts.

Puppy and Breeder Referral Information

Additional information to assist you in buying a Golden Retriever puppy can be found in the web sites listed below.