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Golden Retriever Rescue License Plates

GRREAT MD License plate

For Maryland residents…

Golden Retriever Rescue license plates are available for Maryland residents.  These special plates cost a one-time $25 fee.  You can order them at any time – you don’t have to wait for the renewal of your current plates.  For more information on how to obtain Maryland Golden Retriever Rescue license plates, please contact the program coordinator, Teri Stachowiak. These plates are only available to GRREAT members, so please be sure your membership is up-to-date before you contact Teri.

And if you live in Virginia…

GRREAT and our partner to the south, Southeast Virginia GRREAT, are gauging interest in Golden Retriever Rescue license plates for Virginia drivers.  The program requires applications for 350 plates before the plates can be issued.   As 501(c)3 organizations, our rescues qualify for Revenue Sharing.  Plates authorized for revenue sharing cost $25 annually, and personalization is an additional $10 annually.  With revenue sharing, $15 of every $25 paid to the DMV is given to the qualified organization after the sale of the first 1000 plates.  If you are interested, please contact Denise Malczewski.  Note that as a Virginia resident, you are not required to be a GRREAT member in order to purchase Golden Retriever Rescue license plates.