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Polo, GRREAT’s Egyptian Golden Needs Your Help

 Polo in Wheelchair On November 23, 2013, GRREAT was contacted by Laila, a woman in Cairo, Egypt, who was looking for help for Polo, an 11 month old Golden. Polo had been living with a family in Egypt and his days were filled with running and playing with the kids in the family. He was a typical Golden who loved life until for reasons nobody can comprehend, the family’s gardener repeatedly hit him on his back, causing him to become paralyzed in his hind end. Laila told us that the only way Polo could possibly be helped would be for him to get to the U.S. She offered to pay all of the expenses to get Polo here and 3 weeks later, on December 14th, Polo was welcomed to the U.S. by his foster home, Scott and Kelly Daniels! Scott and Kelly drove up to JFK in New York and waited for hours for his arrival, as the flight was delayed due to snow.

Polo1_smPolo has been fitted with a special wheelchair that has enabled him to move around freely and even play with Scott and Kelly’s other dogs outside. When he arrived, he had sores on his back legs from dragging them as he pulled himself along. The sores were cleaned up and have healed since he is no longer having to drag himself, thanks to his new wheelchair. His foster home keeps his back legs wrapped up to prevent any future sores.

On December 31, 2013, Polo’s foster home took him to the Vet Imaging Partners in Valley Forge, PA for an MRI. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the news we were hoping for. The MRI showed that Polo’s spinal cord has atrophied and that the damage is permanent and complete. The specialist said that there isn’t anything surgical that can be done to help him. He did say that it’s possible that acupuncture and/or physical therapy might be an option to help with Polo’s quality of life. Also, the treatment plan, particularly the hydrotherapy, will keep his front leg muscles strong.


On January 8, the foster home took Polo to the Veterinary Specialty Center of Delaware and we have a plan for Polo that includes physical therapy and hydrotherapy twice a week (this includes physical therapy at home, too), as well as acupuncture. Polo’s treatment plan is expensive but with the continued support from our membership, we can help Polo live as normal of a life as possible. His foster Mom and Dad will tell you that Polo doesn’t know he’s different from other dogs. With the aid of his wheelchair, he runs like the wind and he plays as hard as any other young Golden. Click HERE to see Polo running and playing. He plays in the house without the wheelchair and he has no problems getting around.


Polo has a few other health issues that are also being treated. He has a parasite that he got from eating an African beetle in Egypt that’s called Spirocerca Lupi. The specialist feels we caught this in time before it had the chance to become a serious issue, as it can kill a dog if left untreated. We will have to follow up in 4 weeks to ensure the parasite is gone, and then another follow-up 4 weeks after that. Polo also has a skin infection that’s being treated with antibiotics and once that’s cleared up, he’ll be neutered.

Please consider making a donation to help us with Polo’s care. To date, we’ve spent almost $4,000 on his care. By specifying that your donation is for Polo but that it be applied to the Simile-Finale Fund, we can continue to help Polo and other Goldens who will need similar therapies in the future.

You can look for updates about Polo on GRREAT’s website, as well as Polo’s Facebook page.


Thank you for your generosity!


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