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SCOUT (21-037) came to GRREAT after a heart issue was discovered when she was 8 weeks old. Born with a very rare congenital cardiac anomaly called Double-chambered right ventricle (DCRV), Scout’s heart was expected to give out on her very early in puppyhood. The initial cardiologist estimated she might only make it a few months before her heart wouldn’t be able to keep up.

Sweet and sassy from the start, Scout has defied all the odds and continues to astound us all with her energy and enthusiasm for life. She has a fan club at the vet – mostly because all the vets and techs want to listen to and understand her very rare condition, while miss “Chatty Cathy” tell them all about her life.

Despite her broken heart, Scout loves without reservation. She LOVES to fetch, LOVES to wrestle with her big brother and, as most Goldens do, LOVES to eat.

Scout needs daily medication to slow the thickening of the lining of her heart. She has been back to the cardiologist a few times to monitor changes in her condition and adjust her medications. Occasionally she has fainting episodes (syncope) when her heart can’t keep up with her activity. Sometimes her head bobs with excitement and, as a result of her murmur, it gives her an occasional bobble-head look.

Scout continues to grow into a beautiful petite girl with spunk. She wrestles with her foster brother twice her size, chases balls, and barks friendly greetings at everyone who passes by.

While DCRV is her major limiting health issue, we discovered when she went in for spay surgery, that her genetic anomalies didn’t end with her heart. Her reproductive organs were misshapen and out of place making her surgery more difficult. With an unknown life expectancy and limited treatment options, GRREAT board has placed Scout in hospice foster care to assure she is well cared for, loved and doted on for the rest of her life.  She’s determined to live a full, active LONG life.


Scout is in a permanent foster home and will be cared for by GRREAT for the rest of her life.  Click the button below to Sponsor Scout, she would be most appreciative of your support


***Scout also has a Chewy Wishlist (that she shares with another Special Needs Pup, Molly 14-023) for the items she needs on a regular basis to help keep her happy and healthy. Click HERE for her Chewy Wishlist to donate these tax-deductible items (Tax ID number: 52-1602298)