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KEVIN (24-016) is a light-colored Golden Retriever mix who is, by far, the sweetest puppy we have ever met. His soft ears, dark eyes, and lanky legs make him an adorable puppy who will quickly win your heart. He is now 4 months old and about 40 pounds, but with those huge paws, he may end up being a big boy. Kevin displays the typical puppy behaviors; he is very full of energy and loves to play, he needs to put everything in his mouth to taste test it, he is curious and tries to countersurf, and he is not 100% housebroken but he is learning and doing better every day. Kevin is smart and has mastered “sit” and has near mastery at catching treats. He easily goes into his crate with the inspiration of a treat, walks in and out of it during the day, and sometimes even lays in there while we are working. He is only crated for about four hours at a time, anytime we’re not able to watch him, so his new family should either be around during the day or be able to give him a mid-day break. In the evenings he gets to snuggle in the bed with us and sleeps through the night.

Kevin plays well with other dogs but has not had the opportunity to interact with small children or cats, so any kids in the home need to be over 14. Because of his energy level, he really needs a fenced yard to run around in addition to taking walks. He is a very good boy in the car. It may take him a second to figure out how to approach his entry, but once he is in, he settles down, picks a spot to lay and enjoys the ride. Kevin is really well-behaved and learns commands easily, so obedience training won’t be a requirement but would be a lot of fun for both him and his new family. He has a huge potential to grow into a wonderful, loving big boy who will make a terrific pet.